Audio-book recording services

At Onino Insync, we offer audiobook recording services, along with assistance with audiobook distribution. Some of the biggest sellers of audiobooks include Amazon, iTunes, Audible and Audiobooks online. We can even help you convert your audiobooks into CDs or make it as a part of a subscription to help you earn revenue. Selling your book on CD, an audio download or as part of a subscription service is a great way to maximise your sales potential and get your message out to the widest possible audience.

Making an audiobook takes a lot of effort and only the right voice over artist can bring alive the characters of your manuscript. Thanks to our huge database of voice over artists, we can help you pick the right voices for the various characters of your story. Our voice over artists are proficient in multiple languages are known for their years of experience in the audiobook recording industry. if you want a great sounding professional voice over, we have some of the best. With our complete audiobook production service, we have a choice of professional voice overs and can edit and produce your audio book to a professional standard, managing the process from start to finish.

Your audiobook will be provided as a download ready for your CD duplications or any other distribution format. Each audio book also has a choice of pre-licensed music that is mixed into the beginning of your chapters. We also provide any alternative formats that you require, such as mp3 and can create a short sample version if you want to provide a demo on your own website or need one for Audible.

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