Mixing is the crucial step to turn your recordings into a coherent & professional song. It's not just about that the technical interaction of all elements. We create in addition, dynamics, depth and the right emotional vibe for your music! Now the course is set for the perfect mix. Due to the special room acoustics in the Onino Insync recording studio, the direction and experience in many areas of music, we provide the right balance between all tracks and create a transparent, homogeneous and characterful mix that transports emotions. We always have the customer's idea of the sound and the message of the song in mind - a rock song that sounds too clean just as little works as a mixed pop ballad that's too rough and crunchy. The combination of hardware and software effects and the right selection and setting of compressors, EQs and reverb effects refines the mix and lets the song appear as a whole.


Onino Insync has a master's program for composers, music producers and electronic artists. In this master's program, pop musicians, music producers and music managers meet in a learning environment that reflects all aspects of the media and entertainment industry. In this way, learning processes are strengthened and adapted to professional reality. The mastering is the final matching process of mixed song with its final volume and tonal balance .Here we create a balanced, strong and three-dimensional Sound that works great on all playback devices. One sees mastering as an absolute necessity, the other is of the opinion that a perfect mix no longer needs mastering. We believe that every master brings an upgrade to the mix! Due to the pure sum processing of the stereo mix, effects such as compressors and EQs simply have a different effect, and mastering also offers a different and more objective way of looking at and approaching processing that would be the case with mixing. By using special tools such as multi-band compressors, stereo effects processors and limiters, we prepare the production for all common playback media so that it sounds the best and is competitive on every system and speaker. The result is a powerful and open sound with rich basses and silky highs, whereby the master has to follow and support the idea of the song, similar to the mix. At the end, the customer receives a mix polished to a high gloss, which once again “let the sun rise”.

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