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Apart from informing actors about all the auditions that take place across the city, Onino Insync can help actors .We help to inculcate teamwork by having a casting team assist you through all the process will definitely mean you will have another person or at times even a whole team to work with. The best part about having a whole team to yourself means having a common goal. All of you can work together in harmony in order to achieve a common goal. Having this kind of partnership and contacts will be great for your acting career. We are always there in grave times of need as acting is one of the most difficult jobs to do out there. You spend more than 15 hours on a daily basis out there on your sets to bring out the best performance in you. And when you are handling such an exhausting project, it won’t be uncommon for you to feel tired and sometimes even despondent. In the time when you feel uninspired and dejected, keeping in touch with all the casting directors and other important people of the industry might become difficult for you. When it comes to such situations, our team tend to be objective. It is their job to keep you updated about all the audition calls that are taking place in the market. In reality, acting is tough and exhausting and you will often feel spent, so in such situations our casting team can help you be more proactive and organised.

We have a lot of connections , even if you are a social butterfly who is great at keeping all the long lost connections in place, you won’t be able to make the number of connections a we have made. In fact, even if you spend a good 5 years of time making such industrial connections, you won’t have them as much as Onino Insync would have. We are constantly in touch with directors, casting directors and many such well-established people in the industry. So when you get yourself enrolled into these agencies, you can rest assured that the agents working there will put your name first just in case there is a demand for a specific role out in the market.

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