Dubbing direction

Onino In Sync provides the excellent dubbing direction solution to various filmmaker , producers or directors. If a film wants to be released internationally to be exposed to a wider audience, then the film will need to be dubbed into the language of the country it will be released in. For this filmmakers need perfect dubbing direction with high quality of accuracy and natural emotions.

Dubbing is the process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the audio track of a project that has already been filmed. The term "dubbing" came from doubling either the Vitaphone sound disc to synchronize sound with a motion picture or from doubling an actor's voice to films in the beginnings of the sound era. We must appreciate dubs' impact on modern cinema instead of bashing it for its inability to sync with an actors’ lip movements and realize that dubs are preferred and more inclusive.

For standardized or perfect successful dubbing direction the following steps are required:

1) A creative and technical process of requiring talent and time is must which makes a good dub.
2) This step of dubbing is very crucial because dubbing timing is very important. The objective of dubbing is not to translate a dialogue but to keep the pace of the original language. This process becomes complicated when you need to translate three words in six words because some languages expand during the process of translation.
3) The translated version of the dialogue must take the same time to be spoken in the original language. So, it is important to take the assistance of a professional translation company like us that can manage the timing of dubbing and who can select the dialogue that is appropriate in delivering the original message.

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