Subtitling is one of the major types of screen translation, and can be defined as “ incorporating on the screen a written text which is a condensed version in the target text of what can be heard on screen” . Subtitling was originally invented as a screen translation method for those with a hearing disability because it improves accessibility for the deaf & hard of hearing people. However , today , it has also become a means for translating screen products with the purpose of reaching a wider range of audience.

Subtitling is quick and cost effective, especially when translating into multiple languages, and we can offer fast turnaround of translated text at competitive rates. And one of the major reasons for the popularity of subtitling is that it is an ‘inexpensive form of screen translation especially for a relatively restricted number of spectators’ . This results from that the process of subtitling involves a fewer number of person at work compared to dubbing.

Subtitling in translation is a convenient method of screen translation as it is not as costly as other methods and is a quick way of making screen products available to a wide range of cultures at the same time as it does not require lengthy procedures. It is also used as means of learning and improving foreign languages , especially by the young .Our roster of Hindi or English translators, linguists, adapters, and editors have an extensive experience in creating subtitles and closed captions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Onino Insync provide various kind of subtitling services :-

• Video subtitling services
• Website and social media subtitles
• YouTube subtitles
• Telivision and film subtitling services
• Advertising and Promotion subtitles
• Broadcast subtitling services
• Online education , learning and training subtitles
• Documentary subtitling services

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